The Problem

Mali is a dry desert country of over 16 Million inhabitants located in West Africa. Over 80% of children under 5 and 65% of nursing mothers suffer from iron deficiency due to poor nutrition. These numbers are even more disturbing when you consider that iron deficiency sharply decreases learning ability in children, and may lead to complications during pregnancy. the consequences of malnutrition are severe and long lasting if nothing is done to alleviate the problem.


Young children have very specific nutritional needs, which must be met for them to reach their full potential. That is why they are so vulnerable to the detrimental effects of a poor diet because their bodies undergo periods of rapid growth.


Empty stomachs hurt. It is especially hard for malnourished children to perform well in school because they are not getting the essential building blocks to boost their intellectual development. Studies have shown that chronic malnutrition can have a permanent effect on potential I.Q.


Adequate nutrition is a key factor to live a healthy and productive life. However, malnutrition robs victims of that potential. It is a social ill that slows economic growth and perpetuates poverty. The losses to the country's economy simply cannot be quantified.

Our Goal

At YiriMali, we are dedicated to providing supplemental nutritional programs to fight against malnutrition in Mali. We grow fruits and vegetables that we distribute to low income families with children and lactating mothers to supplement their diets. We work with public and private health centers to also coach families on the benefits of a healthy diet. We also provide educational resources on the benefits of spaced births for more self-sufficiency. Our services are a small investment when compared to the cost of ignoring the problem.

How You Can Help


Make a single or monthly donation from your bank account, credit card or paypal.


Can't spend a dime? Then spend some time helping us help those in need.

About Us

Yiri is a 501(c)(3) tax exempted Non-Profit Organization based in the United States. We are on a mission to erase malnutrition in Mali by implementing projects that provide supplemental nutritional assistance to low income families.

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